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Gas furnace water jacket interests introduction
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      Over the years, along with data from the transformation of promotion, production capacity continues to expand, China's coal chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, methanol and industrial distribution market trend has been serious changes occurred. Especially for countries "on reducing coal-fired power generation and industrial power tariff quotes told the" document issued after the abolition of many years of outstanding preferential policies concerning China operation has now reached a critical period of transformation and expansion, just after the transformation and upgrading to tune promoting job to resolve excess capacity, the adjustment of industrial structure, especially the traveling energy and environmental conservation, reduce consumption, the competitiveness of the travel center, make full use of new energy-saving skills to accelerate the implementation of systematic energy, waste heat recovery and other energy-saving technological transformation operations, tapping the potential synergies, it tune and enhance their competitiveness. Coal industry job as leader of the gasification process, potential, bears the burden of reconstruction.
      Analysis of the Present China Coal industry jobs, gas-making skills, and equipment selection, the choice of many successive decades approximates seasoned fixed-bed gasification design, its energy saving long way to go.
      In order to defeat the tank type water jacketed defects and missing, the company developed and developed the cold tube pressure water jacket in the original construction of the outer cylinder is removed, replaced by a cold method outer annular arrangement around the inner cylinder tube instead of the raw water tank style jacket, it has the following benefits:
      1) because of the cold shrink tube configured pressure unit skill higher pressure, vapor pressure produced at 0.20 ~ 2.5MPa, which can be assigned at the steam temperature 225 ℃. After traveling into the furnace temperature steam gasification, steam differentiation rate of traveling great strengths.
      2) because the job pressure force travels the inner wall of the jacket temperature operation also must travel for treatment cold wall effect has obvious advantages. Dew point corrosion along the bottom of the jacket has been greatly reduced, it must extend the life jacket.
      3) The skill has a special feature, is the choice of the inner cylinder arranged around the outer annular cooling tube, a jacket overpressure if other unforeseen defects in the operation, the damage can only be a branch pipe, the inner tube will not be damaged and it will not affect the normal operation.
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