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Calorific value of different coal blocks in gas - fired furnace
TIME:2016/11/15 10:43:03 | VIEW:
As we all know, when we use the gas furnace, because of the different coal, we join the gas furnace when the heat will be different, thus affecting the production use, specifically with Xiaobian together to find out about it.
1, the gasifier gasification bituminous coal, the higher the CO content of coal, but also a small amount of CmHn, gas calorific value is also higher.
2, gasification anthracite, CO and CH4 content than when the bituminous coal gasification is lower, lower calorific value of gas.
3, gasification of lignite, CO content is low, but the relative H2 and CH4 also higher, gas calorific value is higher, but the lignite gasification rate is low, only 2Nm3 / kg (coal) The gasification furnace gasification bituminous coal or anthracite, the gasification rate of up to 3 ~ 3.5Nm3 / kg (coal).
When we choose coal for gas furnace combustion, we can according to their own use of the environment, as well as the use of coal to choose, so not only can reduce the cost of a large number of expenditures, while increasing production efforts.
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