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What is the reason for the fluctuation of the gas bottom pressure
TIME:2017/3/16 9:02:13 | VIEW:
Gas bottom pressure fluctuations, mainly due to the addition of air in the steam containing more water, deposited in the furnace only the bottom of the air (that is, with the furnace box bellows connected to the horizontal section of the pipeline), and because of the overflow box Drain water pipes have foreign bodies blocked, the water to the bottom of the water can not be discharged in time, deposited in the bottom of the horizontal pipeline, when the saturated air flow, due to gas to form water waves, and this wave of water in turn cause air flow Resistance, so the waves, the gas blocked, the pressure increased, waves, the gas easy to flow, resistance decreased, the bottom of the pressure drop, so repeated to form a cyclical fluctuations.
Of course, sometimes the instrument to take pressure pipe water can also cause pressure fluctuations, this is a false impression, rather than the process system problems.
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